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Training for the Every Day Dog Owner

My mission as a dog trainer is to help every dog owner live an easier and more fun life with their dog. Dog's are truly a blessing and I want everyone who has one to feel that way! I use a balanced training approach, where we teach all of our desired behaviors with lots of rewards but also address unwanted behaviors with consequences. My goal is to help you re-balance your life with your dog, and to help you work towards that off leash freedom that you've always dreamed of. Please take a moment to look through the website and the FAQ page. If interested in any of the training packages, please fill out an application and I will be in touch!



My name is Lauren McCauley and I've had a passion for dogs since I was a child. I've worked with many dogs through many avenues from volunteering at the humane society, to fostering dogs through a local rescue, to even working as a Registered Veterinary Technician. One specific experience with a foster dog led me down the road to dog training, and I've not looked back! This particular dog was suffering from fear aggression to the point that the decision was made that either I tried to work him through it, or he would have to be put down as he was a high risk. Through that journey he overcame the fear aggression and got adopted by a great family. That experience lit a fire in me to help as many struggling owners live a better life with their dogs. How am I able to help you?

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Training Philosophy

Owning a dog should be a joy in your life, not a burden.

In my training I focus not just on having a well-behaved dog through obedience commands, but by helping the dog reach a calmer mindset, where they can make clearer and better decisions.

The way that I reach these goals is through balanced dog training. Balanced training means that your dog will be taught the wanted behaviors (obedience commands such as a downstay and come commands) by using rewards. The dog performs the commands, they are rewarded with food/praise/toy, whatever is motivating to them.

On the other side, I will teach your dog to stop doing the unwanted behaviors (jumping, counter surfing, etc) by using a punishment. By giving the dog a consequence for the bad choice, they will quickly learn that the good choices lead to rewards, and bad choices lead to punishment, which will guide them in making better choices for themselves (and you!)

Some people have hesitancy over punishing their dogs, I get it! But think about what would happen if we tried to raise a child without punishment. The child ran out into the road and no punishment was received? They will certainly do it again, and this time they may not be so lucky to avoid the car that swerved around them the first time they did it. Adding in an appropriately timed punishment in a clear and fair way that the dog understands is essential in creating a well-balanced dog.

I also focus strongly on the dog's state of mind. Aroused/excited dogs make bad choices, so if we expect them to calm down and to be able to think clearly, we must spend a lot of time focusing on their mindset. The way this is achieved is through many avenues, such as understanding threshold manners (not allowing to run through an open crate, door or car door) waiting for release word to eat out of a bowl, and lots and lots of time using the place command.

I train using a remote collar (or E collar) in order to open up a clear line of communication from you to your dog. The remote collar is first taught at the lowest level the dog can feel, and once they understand that their behavior is what controls the collar, then we use it to hold the dog accountable for their commands that we have diligently taught. This allows you to have full focus from the dog no matter your environment, so that you can take your dog anywhere, and still enjoy them!

If this training method is something that you are interested in, please see my training programs below, or reach out to me with any questions!



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"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right"

Fill out a training application to get started on the road to a happier life with your dog.

Canton, OH

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